Matthews Park Sliding

Grandson #1

Grandson #1

Originally uploaded by pfhyper.

PF and Robbie ready to go down the hill in a sled.

PF & Robbie

Originally uploaded by pfhyper.

Matthews Park sliding hill

Matthews Park Sliding

Originally uploaded by pfhyper.

We went sliding today with Grandson #1. There is a nice hill at Matthews Park and it’s in our neighborhood. The hill was saturated with kids and sleds and saucers of all kinds including things that looked like they would be more comfortable on water than on the snow.

Sun was out and the temperature was around 20F but the wind was chilling down to 6F.

Kids don’t seem to use parks here much any more. Organized sports in the schools have taken over for some, video games and TV for others. So it was great to see all these kids, all ages, out in the snow.


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